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The woman veretta ring, also known as the riviera ring, is a type of woman ring formed by a row of precious stones on the upper part such as brilliant-cut or zircon diamonds with a frame that resembles the crown like that of Queen Elizabeth of England in white or yellow gold. This kind of jewel can be made of seven or five stones or seven stones. This model of veretta has a very ancient history, to the 18th century to be exact and among the models you can find those half riviera in which the diamonds that make up this woman ring are set on the top of the ring only, resulting, in their simplicity, very elegant. This ring of diamonds is the most absolute model that recalls the wedding ring, a symbol of fidelity and eternal love: it is in the simplicity that the deepest feelings and the truest ideals reside. The woman veretta ring is a ring that can be made as an anniversary gift for its intrinsic meaning, that of eternal and indissoluble love but also as an engagement gift to symbolize the journey that will be undertaken together. Each woman veretta ring will present an elegant and refined package and the guarantee of Gioielli di Valenza.

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