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In our selection of child chronograph watch from Gioielli di Valenza, we can find digital models with colors and materials suitable for the youngest. Easily wearable with material suitable for frequent use, without the fear of wear and tear for the most demanding and active children. This watch will be a source of fun and joy for the child who wears it. Clock with easy to read display and durable rubber, water resistant so you don't have to take it off in moments of real fun. With this watch the child will have fun taking and "keeping track of time" for all his daily activities, this watch will be a source of happiness and complicity among his closest friends and will help him in his daily recreational activities, the baby chronograph watch will make growing his spirit of adventure, offering him new ideas and new ideas to learn and learn from every situation. The child chronograph watch model certainly ensures continuity throughout the day to all activities, the most creative children will certainly find its usefulness during their games, inventions and experiments. In sporting activity sessions they will be able to use it in a complete and fun way, taking their own activity times and those of their teammates. This type of watch can, in the digital version, but also in the analog version with the hands in fluorescent parts, be equipped with display lighting, so that the child has the possibility of reading in the dark with extreme ease.

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