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Our selection of child time only watch Gioielli di Valenza, gives the opportunity to view and choose in one of the categories for the most appreciated and sought after young people. The time-only clocks for children have the simplicity of the “time only" typology, coupled with ease of use, the child connotation allows you to choose between numerous colors between shapes and fun subjects that never bore and are the perfect companion during throughout the day. The subjects in the time-only child watch are numerous and with the most variegated colors, the materials can also be in semi-transparency, the division of the minutes clearly visible as well as the large numbers and easy to read, from the variable sizes of the body that give a sense of circular game between the forms. The subjects that can be found are from the classic pet animals like dogs and cats to those of a more wild nature such as bears, foxes, lions, even coming to floral subjects of different colors, without forgetting even more abstract colored fantasies with a mix of colors and clearly visible compositions that certainly do not go unnoticed. In the selection of Gioielli di Valenza you will find the best brands that interpret each watch in a unique and distinctive way, whether it is for boys or girls.

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