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The online catalog of Gioielli di Valenza offers a wide selection of precious items indicated for the Confirmation gift. Confirmation is a further step in a person's spiritual growth and strengthens it, together with godmother and godfather who will assist him in making future choices by helping him with valuable advice. The watches also remain for the gift of confirmation, the most sought-after objects, Gioielli di Valenza offers a selection of only the best brands that wisely and uniquely interpret this type of precious, the watches are digital, for the most demanding and modern kids , only time clocks that have the characteristic of indicating only the hour, minutes and seconds, which with their vivacity in the colors and in the rounded accentuated shapes are a symptom of youth and light-heartedness, chronograph, chronometer, multifunction, automatic. The catalog gives the opportunity to view also other types of precious items suitable for the Confirmation gift, you can also think of precious as the bracelet, bracelet with pendant, medals, earrings or chains, finely worked in white gold and yellow gold, silver also with different types of subjects such as: animals, bows, bears, ponies, ladybugs, rabbits, stars, elephants, butterflies, train, heart, four-leaf clover, crown, soccer shoes, soccer balls, dice, sheep. All these precious items are always accompanied by an elegant and refined packaging and the guarantee.

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