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Immense is the profuse love for a baby coming from the couple of parents, this waiting is always an important moment for a woman's life, supporting a new mother with a birth gift will be a symptom of closeness and affection towards her, wishing her so best wishes for the happy event. Gioielli di Valenza proposes numerous ideas and ideas for the birth gift, the precious ones available range from simple sphere necklaces characterized by pink or blue bows, to pendants in the shape of a butterfly or angel or with sacred effigies, in the possible choices also the bracelets with plates with chain knit of different types and subdivided into some models by subjects such as dolphins, flowers, hearts. The material of these precious ones is yellow or white gold suitable for an important moment as for the birth gift. An important precious de facto will always be a good choice for the new mother, the jewels that are intended for the newborn or directly to the mother as the earrings or a bracelet are always a great choice, they will always remember the most significant moment of her life, also appropriate bracelets with charm with silhouettes of hearts and child silhouettes. These precious pieces are accompanied by an elegant and refined original packaging and by Gioielli di Valenza guarantee.

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