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The women pave ring is a type of jewelry ring by Gioielli di Valenza of high jewelry created using a particular setting technique: small cone-shaped holes are made on the ring stem next to each other with an instrument called “bulino ”, dug to insert the stones into it. These are then set with jaws created with an incision on the sides of the stone. This technique, the result of hours and hours of work, of great mastery and precision, gives unique jewels that look like a floor paved with precious stones and increase the reflection of light on the gems that are much brighter. The women pave ring, a woman's ring with the most imaginative and fanciful shapes, is a perfect gift in love or even as an anniversary gift, it is very suitable thanks to its elegant workmanship composed of diamonds and other gems such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies. White gold, rose gold and yellow gold are not the background to this fine chisel work, they are an integral part of the process of making this beautiful jewel The pave effect can be applied on the entire band of the woman ring or even only on the upper part, like a refined decorative effect of the fantasy design. A modern and original design therefore, for those who love being whimsical.

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