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The company Gioielli di Valenza offers the possibility of investing in gold and diamonds. As far as diamonds are concerned, these are perfect for making gifts that are different from the usual, they come in handy blisters to which the certificate of the Italian Gemological Institute (IGI) will also be attached, which will attest to the truthfulness and explanation of the diamond in all its intrinsic characteristics. On what occasion do you make a jewelry gift from Gioielli di Valenza? They are indicated mainly for a graduation gift or as a gift for First Communion or Confirmation, making it truly an elegant gift. As a gold investment, on the other hand, there has been a tendency for some time now, to give small ingots of different weights for the baptism of a new born or to opt for the classic British pounds that have a concrete value and will certainly make a good figure for those who will donate because they will acquire value over time. As for the ingot, of different weight, and the sterling, they can be purchased at our sales points that will advise on the best solution as well as today's gold price. They are also supplied in elegant blisters with the brand of Gioielli di Valenza and will certainly satisfy those who receive this great value gift.

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