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Gioielli di Valenza proposes gold investment, that is the possibility to buy gold ingots of different weight - according to the needs - or British pounds. For some time now, investment gold has mainly been used as a gift especially when celebrating the sacrament of baptism of a new born or if you wish to opt for British pounds, an ideal timeless gift for a graduation gift that will remain indelible in the following years, these will acquire a concrete value and will surely give a good impression to those who will donate them. As for the gold ingot, of different weight, and the British pound as a gold investment, these can be purchased at our stores, whose staff will be happy to advise you according to your needs and also based on today's listing Of their. They are also supplied in elegant blisters with the brand of Valenza Jewelry and will certainly satisfy those who receive this great value gift. Investment gold, not available online but at our sales points throughout Italy, which will advise you on the best solution and provide you with today's listing of your gold. Our ingots are cataloged according to Italian Law 7/2000 and subject to VAT exemption.

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