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Diamond investment of Gioielli di Valenza are the ideal option to make original gifts: they are in fact presented in elegant blisters, all with a gemological certificate (IGI) issued by the analysis laboratory which certifies and describes the characteristics of the stone. An investment in diamonds as a Christening gift, to wish a sparkling future for the new born, or as a graduation gift, as the first step in a long series of brilliant successes that will gain value over time. Even as a retirement gift, for both men and women, it turns out to be very suitable and unforgettable to underline this milestone of great importance. An object of great added value and exclusive but also of a rare beauty thanks to the quality of the stones, that of the investment in diamonds, is a long-term gift and not to be underestimated both for those who buy and those who receive, but what are the characteristics who must have an investment diamond? We must use the so-called 4 C: "color" that is the color, "clarity" the purity, "cut" the cut, "carat" the weight. In fact the price varies according to these characteristics Each diamond is inserted in blisters that act as protection for the Gioielli di Valenza stone and will also be supplied with an original gift box.

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