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A legend of Arab origin states that pearls are nothing more than dewdrops that oysters assimilated to themselves on a romantic full moon night. Woman pearl ring, a type of women's ring created by Gioielli di Valenza whose meaning is that of perfection and purity, due to the spherical shape of the pearl above it. It is said that in ancient Rome the pearls were dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love and for this reason they have become a symbol of femininity and class and, with the proposals of Gioielli di Valenza, it will be easy to be able to dress in elegance with the woman pearl ring. A timeless jewel, worn by the most important and great style icons, the pearl has a charm that will not leave the wearer indifferent; the woman pearl ring can be enriched by the presence of white gold or yellow or red gold and other beautiful precious stones such as brilliant-cut diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, made with different very high-precision setting techniques such as pavé or different styles such as those "contrariè" to satisfy one's nature and preferences. The Gioielli di Valenza pearls can be Japanese Akoya pearls, salt water pearls or refined natural cultured pearls.

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