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Celebrated and admired in the most famous Renaissance paintings and object of the most particular popular beliefs for their perfect spherical shape and their colors - according to a popular Arab legend, for example, pearls were considered drops of dew coming from the sky, others instead they thought they were divine tears - pearls have been a precious ornament since ancient times for both women and men. Symbol of eternal youth and strength, pearls are worn as earrings or as a necklace mainly in a single row or more and donated in some countries by parents to daughters when they reach the age of majority. Being very elegant and classic objects, these are very used to complete the wedding look for a traditional bride but also if you want to give a touch of glamor to a purely casual look. In the range of pearl earrings proposed by Gioielli di Valenza you can find compositions of natural cultured pearls set on white gold and embellished with pendants or lobe diamonds depending on the fitting that you want to propose for the day. Each pair of woman pearl earrings is sold with an elegant packaging and the Gioielli di Valenza guarantee.

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