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The man radio-controlled watch is a watch whose main feature is to be kept synchronized by radio with a standard reference time. Normally the man radio-controlled watch has its own internal reference, usually a quartz oscillator, which allows it to function even in the absence of a radio signal. This type of synchronization via radio waves sent from a terrestrial station, allows the man radio-controlled watch to have an accuracy of approximately 1 millisecond compared to the standard time, all depends on inaccuracies and variations in radio propagation. Given its conception, it has the possibility of receiving several radio channels for time synchronization, usually 5, 1 for each continent. This type of clocks can be analogue and digital, easily confused at first sight with clocks that do not have synchronicity maintained by radio waves, in fact this specification is normally given with a writing inside the dial. The radio-controlled watch can have the function of a chronograph, consequently inside it can have additional spheres with smaller dedicated hands where hours, minutes and seconds are indicated. Normally it has a series of buttons on the external body 3 on one side and 1 on the opposite side, which allow the management of the hands, they can also report the date through a number. Only the best brands chosen by Gioielli di Valenza are available, which offer radio-controlled sports-style with stainless steel colors, and decidedly more elegant models with classic Roman numbers and leather strap, all these watches come with original packaging and warranty.

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