Gipsy collection by Gioilli di Valenza | Discover the Gipsy line

The new Gipsy collection Gioielli di Valenza: a jewelry collection composed of woman earring and woman necklace in precious gold, decorated with highly detailed floral elements. Spirit of freedom that blends with glamour, this sums up the new Gipsy collection Gioielli di Valenza. An aggressive expression with a chic touch is shown in the jewels of this collection composed of sparkling gold earrings and gypsy - flawored necklaces. The woman necklace of the Gipsy collection brings out an exotic an ethnic trait that is expressed in every element that makes up the necklaces of the Gipsy collection are a reference to a free vitality: the palms of the inlays of the circles that compose it, the shining stars in the centre, all united in a romantic chain. The one or three - segment woman necklace extends vertically with finely placed pendants that increase progressively, in an elegant movement: the floral decorative elements combined with the star make it iconic and unique, the naturalistic and rustic inlays of every single segment that makes it up is refined and meticulously cared for. The women’s earrings that can be designed in one, two or three sections are well matched to the necklaces of the Gipsy collection but even individually they will stand out in all their exotic charm.

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