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Gioielli di Valenza proposes different types of woman chain bracelet: the difference lies in the meshes of different sizes and shapes, from the large to the narrower ones - the links in the so-called “rolò chains” are intersected perpendicularly one on the other and the wire that unites them is half-round - or groumette, from the French "flat chain bracelet", which is a type of chain that can have both round meshes intertwined with each other, with the insertion of precious stones set on all the links or only on part and in white or rose gold with which they convey brilliance to the wearer. They can also be made of different types, with two colors, double, interspersed with different meshes, elongated, flat alternating and with plate.The women's chain bracelet is a very versatile type of women's bracelet with a strong and energetic character thanks to its very urban and modern style that fits well with everyone's wrists, even in combination with the groumette rings always made by the company. In the catalog of Gioielli di Valenza you will find a wide range of woman chain bracelet and each of them will come with a guarantee and a refined and refined package.

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