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The man groumette bracelet is an accessory of considerable importance, for a fashion-conscious person. This type of bracelet is for people who love sophistication who love to play with details, giving more strength and presence to their image. On the Gioielli di Valenza store you can view different groumette bracelets for men made of different materials and finishes, with bracelets in yellow gold and 18kt white gold. The man groumette bracelet has the typical knit pattern, there are models that can include symbols and initials, this type of bracelet is an excellent solution for the kind of man who likes things a little showy but at the same time elegant and refined. Normally the man groumette bracelet is worn on the free wrist, not on the wrist where the watch is worn, avoiding unnecessary weight only on a wrist or worse contact between the precious items that could ruin both. There are numerous possibilities of combining with one's look, however, sober and elegant clothing is recommended, in the case of an event or important anniversary if the cuff-links are worn it is appropriate to pay attention to how these may be appropriate or not with the final evaluation of your outfit.

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