Wedding rings 9.0 are very special wedding rings with names that make you dream: Saturno, Galassia, Insieme, Eternity Infinito and Eterna. Many of them are embellished by the presence of diamonds even if the others will certainly not go unnoticed for beauty. Their peculiarity is that they can be white gold or rose gold or have the double combination in white / yellow or white / pink gold. Each wedding ring can be chosen according to the size and weight based on what the couple who goes to the altar prefers: as far as size is concerned the measurement of the ring finger is fundamental also because it must be taken into account that in general the fingers tend to swell throughout the day.

The modernity of the design of these wedding rings will appeal very much to the spouses who love to dare even in the very personal choice of the rings. The wedding rings 9.0 proposed by Gioielli di Valenza present mixes of materials that symbolize the union and the variegated diversity of a couple's personalities but which, despite this, complement each other perfectly. Each wedding ring 9.0 will be accompanied by an elegant and refined package and by the guarantee of Gioielli di Valenza; furthermore the engraving will be honored by the Gioielli di Valenza.

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