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The woman tennis necklace, an elegant accessory to be worn on all occasions, is a scaled tennis necklace composed of a row of brilliant-cut diamonds set in 18-carat white gold. Each woman tennis necklace is accompanied by a refined package and by Gioielli di Valenza guarantee. Jewelry available in various types and carats is a classic jewel with a design that never goes out of style. Among the woman necklaces it is the most traditional and representative and with a timeless cut to always have a refined and classic style in all the occasions in which you want to wear it. The tennis necklace owes its name to the corresponding tennis bracelet originally worn by American tennis player Chris Evert in 1987. Initially called "eternity", later when during a US Open game her beloved diamond bracelet was broken, it was renamed "tennis “ in her honor. So also for the woman tennis bracelet, which has the same characteristics as the necklace, brilliant cut diamonds and mostly white gold, the woman tennis necklace represents a prestigious key product of the company thanks to its peculiar characteristics such as the undeniable beauty of the frame and the different carat of diamonds.

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