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Woman trilogy necklace is a jewel composed of a white or yellow gold chain. The trilogy pendants can be made with precious stones such as sapphires, diamond-set diamonds or on three spokes, rubies or amethysts positioned in a vertical row or even with pendants of the most original shapes. The trilogy woman necklace, as well as the woman trilogy rings are apparently simple jewels but have a great intrinsic meaning: the three stones in fact often inserted one in a row at the other are the symbol of a couple's past, present and future of lovers and are in fact very suitable gifts to be given as a birthday present or as an anniversary gift to one's beloved to remind her of how strong is the feeling that binds you. Also with regard to the Christian faith the trilogy symbolizes the sacred trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The woman trilogy necklace can also be a perfect birth present for a new baby and in this case the pendant will represent the mother, father and newborn baby. A jewel that never goes out of style, therefore, with a value that is still current and aimed at the future and whose meaning will always be modern.

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