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The woman chronograph watch selection available on Gioielli di Valenza is divided into models with an analogue or digital dial. The analogue chronograph version is distinguished by the use of the main hands or spheres to indicate the hour, minutes and seconds, where below it you can find the 3 sections with a hand inside for each one, respectively marking hours, minutes and seconds. These sections help to take the time, hence its name "chronograph" writer of time. Different models proposed by the best brands, you can view models that have nuances from rosé, violet, lilac, blue with the edges of the dial accentuated uniform or with small grooves, which help to form pleasing geometries so satisfying to the eye. The dial can be divided from the 12 or 4 indices by Roman numerals or the classic Arabic numerals, they too can undergo variations in size making themselves more readable. The colors present in the woman chronograph watch, with the steel material can give pleasant reflections depending on the light, both dark and light, giving a pleasant momentary color variation. The version with the digital chronograph watch dial for women has more than standard functions, such as the alarm clock, on the outside of the case there are 4 buttons for checking information that over the date in this version also show the day of the week. Within the selection of Gioielli di Valenza we find numerous watch brands that interpret the woman chronograph watch in an elegant and refined way.

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