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The woman time only watch is a perfect choice for a casual but at the same time elegant look, in the proposed selection of Gioielli di Valenza there is a wide choice for all tastes. You can easily find models with simple floral patterns or abstract shapes with bright contrasts, models with graphic symbols and patterns typical of comic strips, very bright spot-like patterns, these variants can only give the watch time to be a prominent accessory in the look chosen for the day. In case you prefer monochrome, you can choose total colors yellow, marine green, orange, blue. This type of time-only woman watch is available both with digital display and in analog version, in the latter version it is usually presented with a division of the indices of the different dial at 12 or sometimes at 4. Given its peculiarity of reporting only the “time ”through the dial, many brands opt, for some versions, even for a greater characterization of the same, embellishing it with details or very visible and raised elements. The model of a time only watch for women does not have a fixed dial shape, in fact the watch brands chosen by Gioielli di Valenza interpret this type of watch differently. The selection includes models with a more elegant character and different colors, in some models even with a rectangular dial with a double border embellished with crystals, which frame the dial, there are variants with a leather strap with lizard-like prints, with an effect total white blinding. These watches are all accompanied by their original box and warranty.

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