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Gioielli di Valenza offers, in its catalog, a wide range of woman bijoux rings of the most original and imaginative models to the most classic and glamorous ones. Worn even more than one at a time, in one or more fingers, the woman bijoux ring donates to all depending on the size of the jewel, for those with long and tapered fingers a more elongated ring that follows the line of the fingers, for those who have the larger hands are fine the larger rings and for those that have smaller hands the band rings are ideal. Not only the hand but also the fingers have their importance. Wearing rings in one finger or another, in fact, has a specific meaning: to the index as a symbol of independence and decision, to the middle finger as a symbol of conscientiousness and balance, to the thumb as a symbol of great self-confidence and which does not he is afraid to show himself. The little finger is instead a symbol of creativity and imagination, the choice that best represents you! This type of ring can also be worn without combining other jewels because it will be able to stand out but above all to bring out the wearer. For those who instead want to be in the spotlight, surely a match with woman bijoux bracelets.

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