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Gioielli di Valenza offers a wide selection of bijoux woman earrings of the best brands, which can be matched according to the outfit you want to wear: for example, the more gaudy and ample the earrings the more you wear must be minimal; also for the dimensions there are special rules, better not to wear them too big, in fact the too much and maybe it could obscure everything else. The gold-colored woman bijoux earrings can be worn in combination with a white white shirt or with a t-shirt with the boat neckline always in light colors and it will stand out better, while the silver ones look good in the brightest colors instead. Even the haircuts do so much in the optimal exposure of this type of jewelry: with a short haircut a pair of smaller bijoux earrings will be the right frame for your face and will make it shine, while for those with long hair, they will succeed in taking out larger bijoux earrings to be noticed without problems. Of course, each earring has its own earring: the faces tending towards round and rectangular ones, the pendant earring will be ideal, if instead the face is oval and triangular to make everything more harmonious, it is better to avoid long earrings instead and take them all the others.

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