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For every occasion, such as the celebration of a special day, or a birthday or an anniversary, the ideal gift is always one of the vast collection of jewelry woman rings of Gioielli di Valenza to remember and give special moments lived together. The woman band ring for the most original personalities, a solitary woman ring with a single stone for the most classic nature, a trilogy woman ring with three stones on the band for more traditional couples, a woman ring-shaped ring developed in a row of precious stones forming a crown for those who love elegance and eternity woman ring presents a series of diamonds along the band to bring to mind a priceless and precious moment of life that lasts an eternity. Wedding ring woman of various models and sizes for the most romantic day, the ring with central woman endowed with an important and precious stone in the middle of the band, the pavé ring is made with a special technique, it is gems inserted the one next to the other giving the impression of a regular surface, a woman's contrasting ring consists of two opposite faces on the upper part also known as the Romeo and Juliet ring for the particular shape, a woman's groumette ring composed of white gold links surmounted by diamonds finely set, surrounded or interspersed with pink or yellow gold links.

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