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Woman pearl closures | Gioielli di Valenza

Along with the vast range of jewels, Gioielli di Valenza also offers closures for pearl necklaces of various types of small and large, all of great taste. The woman pearl closure can be teardrop or round or oval or curl in white gold with brilliant cut diamonds. The pearl woman necklace is a type of necklace very tied to tradition and multiple meanings: an emblem of femininity, in fact it is often used as a wedding gift for the bride and as a symbol of motherhood and above all because it goes very well with any wedding dress you want to wear for the big day. It is a type of necklace that is also well suited to be a birthday gift or a graduation gift, for women with a great classic style and above all who never goes out of style with any look you decide to wear them. Pearls for its perfect round shape are a symbol of eternal life and purity in various cultural traditions. The pearl necklaces are perfect if matched with woman pearl earrings embellished with white gold or yellow gold and brilliant cut diamonds or zircons that give light to the complexion.

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