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Not everyone knows that bracelets were formerly used to indicate political and religious power, initially they were made of very poor materials, such as vegetable fibers intertwined with strips of leather, then bronze and then iron were used as the ages passed. Every civilization in human history has contributed to characterizing its design and its use, the Mycenaeans created spiral gold bracelets with incisions and repeated geometric shapes. The Egyptians characterized it with the representation of a beetle, symbol of rebirth and regeneration. The Greeks had a predilection for the "rosary" models, with the use of gold wires where pearls, stones and corals were inserted. The Roman soldiers in military use wore the bracelet on the left arm, formed by high and flat gold circles to demonstrate the military value, famous are the bracelets "alla schiava", a stylized form of reptile twisted on itself, worn exclusively by women above the elbow. Countless uses and meanings, today not only a common object of social belonging but a real jewel that has the great quality, in some of its variants, such as that of the man platelet bracelet, that of being able to carry an engraving with it, on the plaque, which can remember a dear name or a personal event, a recurrence or only being a memento of life for the present and for the future. The man platelet bracelet proposed in Gioielli di Valenza catalog can be of different materials such as white and yellow gold of different patterns, from chain to spheres, the man tag bracelet is equipped with an elegant and refined package and the guarantee of Gioielli di Valenza.

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