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The Gioielli di Valenza wedding rings have been carefully selected from among the best for each model: anniversary wedding rings, a union of two golds with the addition of diamonds, francesine wedding rings and thin models with a small camber, are perfect for those who have essential tastes. Classic wedding rings are the ideal rings for the most important day of a couple. With a round and simple shape, it is made without diamonds or precious stones, it has a flat and fine interior; Mantovane wedding rings have a wider width, an external crown and are ideal for those who prefer important jewels. Comfort or comfortable wedding rings have a higher fit than the others. Diamond wedding rings this type of ring has the particularity of having an original and exclusive cut that recalls the facets of a diamond. Among the special wedding rings we find: rosary wedding rings are characterized by the presence of a small incision, in the shape of a cross on the band , bi & tricolor wedding rings are composed of two / three types of chained wedding rings, in different types of gold in a design with an original taste. Brillanti promesse wedding rings are distinguished by their design and their versatility. Brillanti promesse wedding rings are Hydra, Corona, Andromeda, Cassiopea, Lyra, Orion and Venus; 9.0 wedding rings are Saturno, Galassia, Insieme, Eterna that are embellished by the presence of diamonds. Their peculiarity is that they can be white gold or rose gold or have the double combination in white / yellow or white / pink gold. Each wedding ring can be chosen according to the size and weight.

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