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In the Gioielli di Valenza catalog you have the possibility to choose different variations man pendant necklace, you can choose between different pendants with different subjects and shapes produced, in fact there are animals, hearts, initials, sailors and boating, brings luck, sacred subjects and subjects more of an imaginative or sporty character. The man pendant necklace is to be considered a great gift for your boyfriend or friend, given the possibility to customize the necklace with the most suitable pendant, enhancing it to the full. The man pendant necklaces vary their length from 40, 50 centimeters, the brands selected by Gioielli di Valenza offer several precious religious themes with crosses and the presence of skulls, typical of the rosary. There are several marine-themed subjects such as the wind rose, anchors, skull, the material is stainless steel and the colors range from black to gray. This wearable can often be combined with a simple V-shaped shirt so that it is clearly visible and gives value to one's look, in fact this kind of precious can appear in different styles: sporty, casual, elegant, trendy and classic. Each precious piece is equipped with an elegant and refined package and its guarantee.

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