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The man automatic watch selection has as main characteristic that is the "automatic" recharge. The energy for this recharge comes from the normal movement of the arm performed by the wearer. This type of watch only took hold with the 20th century only when the wristwatch took hold, although it was already available in the 10th century. The movements of the wrist load the motive spring of the movement, unlike the manual winding where the movement is in a direct and voluntary manner given by the owner who must turn a crown. In the watch models where the caseback is transparent and therefore visible to the human eye, it is possible to see this movement enter into action as soon as the wrist is turned. In the selection of Gioielli di Valenza the best brands that interpret different styles for this type of watch are available, you can find eye-catching models with red and black contrasts with a sporty look, there are versions with the bottom partially visible, making the dial more interesting, with alternative silicone straps. There are more classic models with leather straps, with fine finishes and gold-colored indexes, there are variants with the blue-colored dial and the stainless steel strap. All these man automatic watches come with their original packaging and warranty. The man automatic watch brings with it an interesting curiosity, the collectors avoid to have their watches unloaded and be able to show them in an elegant and unique way using a particular box, which they call "box of time" which can make them perform to the clock placed at its inside several turns or rotations per day, setting a correct number of revolutions will avoid an exaggerated movement that does not serve the clock to be able to be loaded thus avoiding to wear it down due to excessive charge.

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