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In the selection of chronograph watches for men Gioielli di Valenza, we can choose between a chronograph watch with an analogue or digital dial. The analogue man chronograph watch differs from the digital ones in the use of the 3 hands for the hour, minutes and seconds, where below these there are normally 3 sections that can be circular and not giving additional information for hours, minutes and seconds. On the outside of the case there is normally a crown and two buttons that are used to adjust these parameters as well as giving the possibility to start or stop the chrono to keep time, hence also its name "Chronograph", writer of time. In fact this is the main function, being able to measure and indicate the time elapsed in a defined period of time. The first chronograph was created in 1816 by Louis Moinet, who conceived a pocket version to support astronomers, this attribution has only recently been confirmed in recent years, in fact previously the creation had been given to Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec in 1821 to time the races some horses. This type of watch is very popular in sports where they are recognizable by design and application. In this type of watch there is a date window inside the dial. The digital version has more features, such as an alarm clock. On the outside of the case there are 4 buttons for checking information, which in addition to the date in this version also show the day of the week. In the selection of man chronographs Gioielli di Valenza we find different brands that uniquely interpret the style of the time.

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