Man pocket watch | Gioielli di Valenza

Man pocket watch by Gioielli di Valenza, this type of watch commonly called turnip pocket watch, is normally a type of small watch, suitable to be kept in your pocket, in fact they are also called pocket watches, invented by Peter Henlein, widespread before the arrival of the wristwatch version which arrived only in the mid-nineteenth century. This type of man pocket watch has a chain with which it can be easily retrieved from its own pockets. The circular case can be finished in precious metals with decorations and engravings. Now no longer in common use, today they fall more into the category of collecting. In some versions of this watch the dial and the indications remain visible, in other versions the watch is equipped with a cover with the same material as the outer shell that protects the glass part, normally it is activated by pressing a special button or crown for time management. Often the inside of this cover is engraved with personal dedications or recurrences as a souvenir, in some uses a photo of family or one's beloved is also applied. This type of man pocket watches normally have the classic two hands to indicate hours and minutes for older versions, then the second hand was introduced with a smaller hand and its circle with dedicated sections in the lower central part of the dial.

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