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The man time only watch by Valenza is a watch with both simple and imaginative shapes, there are both analog and digital. This type of clocks normally, in the analog version, has a different index division in the dial, they can be 12 or sometimes 4. The choice also depends on one's taste and ease of reading, as well as the shape of the dial not only circular but also rectangular or oval, in fact they can be of any shape. The time-only man watch, given its name “time only”, mainly and almost exclusively has the purpose of marking time on the arm of the wearer. To underline the fact, that despite its nature and conception is simple, numerous brands also give greater aesthetic characterization to this model, thus enriching it with details, even with elements in relief and with changing colors. The digital time only watch has a high clarity for reading, often indicated for children because of this characteristic, however there are also analogue models. The selection proposes very lively models for this category of watches, with innumerable bright colors, games of contrast between two colors, the predominant color extends over the whole strap and a large part of the case, leaving the second color to task of defining some parts of the same, such as the strap closure or the ring nut on the case, giving the watch only a strong and lively simplicity. There are also models with softer colors and elegant style, with even more intense chromatic proposals, such as midnight blue and pure blacks accompanied by elegant stainless steel or leather straps. These watches are all accompanied by their relative original box and warranty.

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