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Man bijoux cuff links | Gioielli di Valenza

The man bijoux cufflinks are real jewels accessory, an ornamental button used to close the cuffs of the French shirts without fixed buttons. The twin has the function of holding the two eyelets of this particular shirt together, effectively closing and joining the two flaps. This type of accessories spread in the nineteenth century when a more solid form of closure was required due to the very starched shirts. The man bijoux cufflinks are made up of two equal parts with a connecting element that holds them together, they can have different shapes, many models of cufflinks have logos, initials or crests usually belonging to exclusive clubs or sporting rings. This type of cufflink bijoux for men can be made of different materials from the simplest to the most refined with internal inlays and set stones, in the selection of Gioielli di Valenza we have cufflinks made of stainless steel in black and silver colors, however there are no limits to colors. This kind of accessory is generally used a lot in important recurrences or ceremonies, giving the wearer a timeless elegance, wearable for a classic elegance to an even sportier one, the twin bijoux for men stand out not only for the material and the personalization but also for the decidedly more accentuated dimensions compared to the normal buttons, as well as to the specific weight which appears to be even sharper for some models.

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