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Keychains are no longer simple accessories but are now true style objects that set trends, in the catalog of Gioielli di Valenza the man bijoux keychain, we can find the key rings of the best brands of every color, size and shape. Normally, in addition to the simple metal ring that holds the keys, to be grouped and facilitate their recovery, an ornamental pendant is added, which in turn can be made of materials that are in resistant material but also soft like leather with particular stitching and workmanship to normal incisions or fine inlays. We can also find small metal subjects that recall sports or motoring rings, or small world maps and airplanes for those who love travel and adventure. If previously the man bijoux keychain were used as simple functional objects to collect the keys, today they are real design objects that distinguish us in everyday moments. The choice in the Gioielli di Valenza catalog is vast for this type of accessory, you can choose classic rectangular or circular shapes with simple materials in metal, canvas, fabric or leather, arriving at shapes and subjects with countless prominent colors, which will make the your keychain a flashy accessory.

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