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Marriage that is religious or civil in nature is undoubtedly the culmination of a great goal, both individual and above all for the couple, an event that establishes the union of two people for life in front of relatives, friends and institutions. Gioielli di Valenza for this event offers a selection of classic wedding rings, a series of proposals with a timeless charm, simple curves, but so elegant and pleasant that they never go out of fstyle, available in different weights in yellow gold, white gold and gold rose, giving way to find the precious material in the most appreciated colors, simply round. The classic wedding rings thanks to the large weights present are available both in slimmer models and in more full-bodied models, in order to meet all tastes and comforts, while maintaining unique and simple lines and shapes typical of classic wedding rings, one timeless style for which the spouses opt for this choice, associating them with a marriage in an elegant and refined style. Often the choice in classic wedding rings focuses on the yellow gold variants, as they contain the very essence of tradition, a color loved by several generations that has become established, thus becoming a universal symbol of love, all accompanied by an elegant and refined packaging and the relative guarantee of Gioielli di Valenza.

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