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Wedding rings represent the symbol par excellence of the union between two people, not just rings, but pledges of mutual love that takes substance from the wedding day to last a lifetime. There are numerous models that can be found in the selection of Gioielli di Valenza, for all tastes of the betrothed couple, the thin and slightly convex francesine wedding rings, usually pose as the ideal choice for those who are not in the habit of wearing rings and is generally recommended for men who do not feel comfortable wearing jewelry. Normally even if you opt for francesine wedding rings, etiquette requires that the purchase of wedding rings is up to the groom, the choice must be made first with the bride to decide together and find a meeting point on tastes and comfort, then it is the witness of the groom who has the task of bringing the wedding rings and presenting them at the time of the wedding celebration. Surely the francesine wedding rings, are those that come closest to the classics, further simplifying what is a design and an elegant and refined conception of the classic model, meeting the promised spouses who dedicate considerable time to the choice of this ring and not being sure of the ease and comfort in everyday life, all wedding rings are accompanied by an elegant and refined package and by the relative guarantee provided by Gioielli di Valenza.

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