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One of the curiosities, which not everyone knows, is that tied to the finger and to the hand in which the wedding ring is worn, the ancients thought that in this finger passed a vein that ended directly to the heart, its annular name derives from the Latin “anulus” ie ring, the left hand was chosen because normally the right was used much more in everyday work. In fact, it is also a matter of practicality and feeling the choice of wedding rings, among the many models there are mantovane wedding rings, this is one of the faith models that does not go unnoticed, it is appreciated because of its width, the selection made by Gioielli di Valenza is around 7 millimeters, often this model is perfect for the fingers of a man, a model with a strong incisiveness, remaining simple, demonstrating an incisive character even without particular decorations. The mantovane wedding rings are present in yellow gold and white gold, this model, given its peculiar width, is indicated for the spouses who find it pleasant to hear the ring more on the finger during the day. The mantovane wedding rings are all accompanied by an elegant and refined package and by the relative guarantee provided by Gioielli di Valenza.

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