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Woman solitaire ring, a unique jewel of its kind. Its structure consists of a band of 18 carat white gold with a precious single stone. In the solitaire ring selection women can opt between those with the most classic or more worked with additional insertion of diamonds. Also the type of setting: a griffes in which the central stone is retained by the small prongs - with four or six points or Valentino, a type of setting always with four griffes but turned - creating a sort of elegant perch to the gem.

On the other hand, for the woman solitaire ring, the stone is inserted into a flat cavity. The cut of the diamond is what allows the light to better reflect itself in the stone. The more the cut is done the more the stone will emit light. The brilliant cut, for example, is the most popular of the cuts and has a round shape. The woman solitaire ring is the symbolic ring of engagement, of unique love, the precious stone that is the emblem of a timeless story.

It is said that the tradition of carrying the ring in the ring finger of the left hand comes from ancient Greece. Its inhabitants believed that it was from that finger that the vein of the heart passed and that wearing a solitaire one remained together forever.

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