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The child necklaces is created with sophisticated materials such as yellow gold and white gold. It is decidedly appropriate for occasions such as birthday present or confirmation gift; the child chain necklaces choosing between those with thin or thicker, Venetian or godron knit, with the possibility of adding a vast selection of enameled pendants and not of various shapes: to ladybugs, heart, four-leaf clover brings luck or to little angel as subjects more classics; the 14 selections composed by chain and pendant of your choice will result in a great class communion gift and for special occasions. The child necklace with pendants: necklaces created by the expert hands of the master goldsmiths of the Valenza company, a jewel as a memory they have innumerable subjects and models ranging from the most classic to the most casual, for all the important occasions in the life of a child and of a child and for everyday life, as a necklace with a child pendant, there is a great deal of variety among those proposed by Gioielli di Valenza: the religious subjects of yellow gold as angels and Madonna with child, or in silver with the shapes of animals like elephants, a symbol of wisdom and memory, or fanciful subjects like the white and yellow gold soccer shoe for the most sporty children.

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