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Promotion valid from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020 for all jewellery, watches and bijoux purchases in our stores and on the website

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(According to art.21 Presidential Decree December 28th 2000. n.45)

The regulation of the “GdV Card Loyalty Campaign” initiative is accompanied by its annexes, together with this declaration. 

Integrated Regulation of the Promotional Initiative “GdV Card Loyalty Campaign”

1. PROMOTER GIOIELLI DI VALENZA - Gioielli di Valenza S.p.A., Via Vittorio Veneto angolo Via Canonico Zuffi, 15048 Valenza (Al) - Vat Number 01520470061


The promotional initiative “GdV Card Loyalty Campaign” is valid only for purchases made at the Gioielli di Valenza sales points and, online, exclusively for Gioielli di Valenza’s e-commerce website



The Promoter reserves the right to extend the initiative by bringing to the attention of the GdV Card with an adequate informative communication which will be published in the appropriate area on the Gioielli di Valenza website or with any other modalities that the Promoter reserves the right to define. 


This promotional initiative will be advertised in the manner that the Promoter will deem most appropriate, such as posters, signs displayed in the store and on the website. The advertising messages that will communicate the initiative to the recipients of the same, will be consistent with this regulation. 


The entire regulation will be available on request at all GIOIELLI DI VALENZA stores and on the website


  •  The loyalty card is called “GdV Card” and allows the holder to participate to access special initiatives and discounts made at Gioielli di Valenza stores and on the website 

  • The GdV card  is personal and issued completely free of charge.

  • The GdV Card is not transferable and/or usable by other people except the family members of the holder.

  • The holder has the right to only one GdV Card.

  • The GdV Card can be requested by completing the appropriate paper form in a store or by registering online at

  • The incomplete or untruthful disclosure of the mandatory data will make it impossible to issue the GdV Card or revoke it.

  • Any changes to the data indicated on the form must be promptly communicated via email to


During the promotional period, from 01/01/2018 to 12/31/2020, all GdV Card holders who make purchases in the Gioielli di Valenza stores participating in this promotional initiative and on the website, will receive 2 electronic points for every euro spent with a single receipt. Failure to present the GdV Card at the time of payment does not allow the accumulation of points or to enjoy any special benefits reserved for GdV Card holders and does not entitle them to credit points or benefits at a later date. 

The points earned as a result of each purchase act are personal and referable exclusively to a single account in the name of the GdV Card holder.

The points accumulated on an account are personal and not transferable to other accounts. However, it will be possible to transfer all or part of the accumulated points on an account to a different account in the following cases: 

  • If the same person is the holder of more than one GdV Card, he can request the transfer of all the accumulated points on a GdV Card, with simultaneous closure of the other accounts; 

  • In any hypotheses of succession in the contractual relationship and of changes in the ownership of the points, giving proof of the legal title that legitimizes the transfer of the points. 

Each GdV Card holder can check the updated points balance by accessing the personal area on the site or at the store, of the Promoter, requesting it at the shop assistants.

On the basis of an operation which has just been carried out and which falls within the scope of this initiative, the Customer may request a specific report in the transaction just concluded.

The points accumulated with the purchase will be credited to the GdV Card within 3 working days from the date of purchase, except in cases of force majeure (by way of example but not exhaustive: impossibility of connection due to technical failure). 

The points will be credited only after the positive outcome of the actual payment and in the event of cancellations, the relevant points earned will be canceled. 



It is specified that the operations of “Compro Oro” (such as collecting precious scrap of the used goods by the Promoter), and purchases by the clients of Investment Gold (for example ingots, pounds and gold coins in general), do not they will be entitled to accumulate points; points can only be awarded when the product is actually purchased, net of any discounts, gift voucher/gift cards. 

It is specified that the Goldsmith and Watch laboratory services, will give the right to accumulate points. 

Any return of goods, regardless of the types of credit (merchandise voucher, cash voucher, etc.) will result in the cancellation of the related points. The cancellation of the points will be determined based on the net amount credited. 


Depending on the number of points accumulated, the holder of the GdV Card can be granted a discount on the purchase of one cent for each point used. 

The point obtained during the validity period of this promotional initiative must be used by 06/30/2021.

The unused points remain valid on the GdV card within and no later than 6 months from the expiry of the promotional initiative and will therefore automatically be reset to 07/01/2021, without prejudice to the promoter’s right to extend this deadline by notifying consumers to the stores and on the

The points obtained as a result of a purchase can be used immediately, even for an immediately following expense and any amount without requiring any minimum purchase threshold. 

In case of loss of the GdV, the points will be canceled, unless the Customer expressly request a new GdV Card, by contacting the Promoter directly. In this case the lost GdV Card will be canceled and the points on it will be transferred to the new GdV Card. 

Gioielli di Valenza reserves the right to verify the correctness of the point accumulated on the GdV Card and will immediately inform the customer in the event of anomalies. If the customer cannot be reached, the promoter reserves the right to temporarily block the GdV Card.

The Promoter also reserves the right to close the account of the holder who has participated in a manner that does not comply with this regulation, which has accumulated points in a fraudulent manner and in any other case in which improper behavior in the use of the GdV Card ascertained.

It should also be noted that the points cannot be used for the purchase of products in the gold investment category. 

By participating in this promotional initiative, consumers unconditionally and fully accept this regulation.                                                                                                                                                       


Any charges or additions to be made to this regulation by the Promoter will be brought to the attention of the holders of the GdV Card with an appropriate information notice which will be published in the appropriate area on the website or with any other modalities that the Promoter reserves the right to decide. 

In any case, the Promoter declares that any changes will not result in damage to the right acquired by the participants. 


For information on the use of the Gdv Card and for any requests for assistance, the following reference will be available to customers: 


12. PRIVACY (Privacy Policy Updated)

Data will be collected in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/93. The personal data provided or acquired at the time of the signing of the GdV Card will be processed in compliance with current legislation and the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of confidentiality provided by it. 

Data controller 

The Data Controller is GIOIELLI DI VALENZA, with offices in Via Vittorio Veneto on the corner of Via Zuffi, in the person of its legal representative pro tempore who, in the context of his prerogatives, will be able to avail himself of the collaboration of managers or appointees specifically identified. 

Processing methods

The data will be processed with the aid of electronics and /or paper instruments, according to logic strictly related to the aforementioned purposes and in any case adopting suitable procedures and measures to protect their security and confidentiality. 

Purpose of the processing 

The data processing will be finalized for the following purposes: 

1) loyalty activities - to allow customers to access service - related initiatives; 

2) Direct marketing activities, such as the sending - also by e-mail, sms, mms, - of advertising material and communication with informative and / or promotional content in relation to products or services provided and/or promoted by the Data Controller or its partner commercial, including free gifts and samples.

3) Individual or aggregate profiling and market research activities aimed, for example, at analyzing consumption habits and choices, compiling statistics on them or assessing the degree of satisfaction of the products and services offered. 

Nature of the provision of data

The provision of data is optional but constitutes a necessary and indispensable condition for the issue of the GdV Card: failure to provide it therefore makes it impossible for the applicant to obtain the GdV Card. 

For the purposes referred to points 2) and 3), the authorization is optional and any denial of consent implies the possibility for the Data Controller to follow up the direct marketing and profiling activities indicated therein, but does not prejudice the possibility for the applicant to obtain the release of the GdV Card and to access the benefits connected to it. 

Scope of data dissemination 

The data processing will be carried out by personnel reporting directly to the Data Controller and / or by natural or legal persons specifically identified by the Data Controller as being responsible or in charge of processing 

The data provided will, in any case, be subject to discorre or communication to third parties, except for those whose right to access the data is recognized by law or by orders of the authorities as well as by subjects, including external and/or foreign, of which the Data Controller uses to carry out instrumental and / or ancillary activities for the management of the Loyalty Card and for the provision of the services and benefits connected to it, including the suppliers of software solutions, web applications and storage services also provided through Cloud Computing system and used for this purpose. 

It is specified that, pursuant to art. 4, paragraph 1, lett.d) of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the personal data suitable to reveal the racial and ethnic origin, the religious, philosophical or other conviction, the political opinions, the adhesion to parties, trade unions, associations or organizations of a religious philosophical, political or union data, as well as personal data that can reveal health and sex life and health - related data, are sensitive data. 

These data, together with the judicial data referred to in art.4, paragraph 1, lett. e) of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, from spontaneously conferred customers, will not be subject to treatment unless prior express written consent and prior express written consent and prior authorization of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data. 

Rights of interested parties

The subjects to whom the personal data refer may at any time exercise the rights granted them with respect to the Data Controller in accordance with art. 7 of Legislative Decree no.196/2003. For the exercise of these rights, the interested party may contact the Data Controller directly. New Privacy Policy pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 available at the following link:


The Promoter is not responsible for any access problems, impediments, malfunctions or difficulties concerning the technical instruments, the computer, the cables, the electronics, the software and the hardware, the transmission and connection, the telephone line, the internet connection that can prevent participants from accessing the promoter’s website.

The Promoter does not assume any responsibility in case of failed delivery of communications caused by the indication of email addresses and /or incorrect or untruthful personal data by participants.

The Promoter is not responsible for postal problems. 

Participants who, according to the unquestionable judgment of the Promoter or third parties appointed by the same to manage the initiative, are the holders of points obtained with means and instruments capable of evading the uncertainty, or however judged in a suspicious, fraudulent manner, or in violation of the normal course of the initiative, they will not be able to enjoy the benefits obtained.

The Promoter, or the companies appointed by the same to manage the initiative, reserve the right to proceed, within the terms deemed most appropriate, and in compliance with the laws in force, to limit and inhibit any initiative aimed at circumventing the system conceived. 

The Promoter cannot in any case be held responsible for any problems arising during the use of the discounts and cannot be held responsible for improper use by the participants. In the event of inefficiencies, breakdowns or malfunctions, the contractual clauses of the supplier /producer/distributor and the relative limitations or extensions referring to the same clauses attached to the discount apply. 

The use of the GdV Card is absolutely optional and purchases of products at the points of sale or from the online site can be made without necessarily providing the data of the GdV Card.

In the event of loss or theft of the GdV Card, the holder must immediately notify, verbally or in writing, the staff of the Gioielli di Valenza stores, who will activate the lockout procedures in a timely and free manner. Until such notice is received, the Promoter is not in any way responsible for any abusive use of the GdV Card. Any points and benefits lost cannot be refunded. 

Failure to use the GdV Card for 12 consecutive months gives the Promoter the right to cancel it. The Promoting Subject reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the GdV Card, at any time, at its sole discretion. The card holder has the right to withdraw at any time without obligation, giving written notice to the Promoter and returning the GdV Card to any of the Gioielli di Valenza stores. The return involves the renunciation of any benefit accumulated by the holder of the GdV Card and not used by them. 

For any dispute the present regulation is authorative. For any dispute or aspect not expressly specified, Italian law applies. 

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