Track your order

You can find out and check the status of your order and therefore the possibility to track it by logging into your Jewelry Valenza account, and in the "Orders history and details" section you can see the current situation.

Normally the tracking number, to see where the package is located, is sent to the e-mail with which the order was made.

What are the delivery times?

Generally delivery times are between 1-2 days, to be added to the preparation times for shipment. For the islands, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia 3 working days

Which courier is used?

Gioielli di Valenza uses the services of DHL and GLS

Can I pay with cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery is currently not available.

If I am not at home when the courier delivers, what happens?

When the courier does not find anyone at home, he will try the delivery the following day. If the second delivery attempt is also unsuccessful, the order will be stored at the courier's office closest to the shipping address. As a consequence, it will be possible to arrange a third time delivery with Gioielli di Valenza.

To contact us and receive assistance, you can write an email to [email protected] or call 0131-945186. You can keep track of the status of your shipment by clicking on the tracking link that was sent to you in the email with which you registered

I have the tracking number what should I do?

When the item is shipped you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of the shipment, in this e-mail you will find the tracking number of your shipment. This is the number that identifies your shipment.

By clicking on the link in the e-mail, you can view the order situation on the corresponding courier's website. "If you want to know what are the possible states of your order CLICK HERE."

Can I enter two different addresses for billing and shipping?

Yes, this is possible. During the order process, you can specify a billing address and a different address where the order should be sent.

Please note that the first address entered will also be used as the billing address in future orders.

It remains possible to enter other shipping addresses.

Is it possible to ship to PO boxes?

No, deliveries cannot be made to PO boxes.

Do you ship outside the EEC?

No, we do not ship outside the EEC.

Is it possible to bring forward the delivery date?

No, the delivery date is expected in the days immediately following the days of preparation for shipment, indicated on the information page of the chosen object.

Are deliveries also made on holidays?

No, deliveries do not take place on national holidays, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Deliveries are made exclusively during working days from 9.00 to 18.00.

Is shipping insured?

Yes, our shipments are all strictly insured for the full value of the product at no additional cost.

Why was there no receipt inside the package?

If there is no receipt inside the package, please let us know by writing to [email protected] or call 0131-530255

In which countries are your deliveries made?

Our deliveries are made in Italy.

Who should I contact for order problems?

We apologize for any problem, our staff is always ready to solve any type of order problem.

You can contact us directly by e-mail at [email protected] or call us on 0131-530255

Can I change my shipping address?

If the order has not already been shipped:

Yes, by contacting the customer service by e-mail [email protected] or the number 0131-530255 reporting the information about the order you have made. Any modification of your order may lead to a possible delivery delay of 24/48 hours from the date indicated.

If the order has already been shipped:

No, it is no longer possible to change the shipping address.

The courier makes two delivery attempts to the indicated address, only after the failure of the last attempt can we change the address and reorganize the shipment. For this reason, we suggest you contact us to indicate the new delivery address. If shipped with DHL, you can change the shipping address independently, via the link received.

You can check the status of your order by accessing your profile and clicking on "Order history and details"

Can I collect my order from your stores or collection points?

Yes, it is possible to make a purchase with collection at a store.

When ordering, it will be possible to select the nearest store, in this way you can pick up your purchase directly at one of our stores. As soon as your order is available at the selected store, you will be notified by phone, in this way you can go and collect it comfortably.

What is the status of my order?

To find out what is the status of your order, you can access your personal profile and under the "History and details of orders" check the status of the order.

I have received a damaged, defective, wrong or missing item

In case you receive a damaged, defective or wrong object or other eventualities we ask you to contact customer service who will ask you to send a photograph of the product. You can write to us at the following e-mail address [email protected] indicating the problem with all the details of the case.

Track your order

If you want to know what the status of the order is or where the order is located, you need to access your Jewelry Valenza account, click on "Order history and details" and find out if your order has already been processed and shipped.

Orders can have these "STATES":

Awaiting payment by bank transfer: We have just received your order and are awaiting the transfer

Payment accepted: We have received your payment

Preparation in progress: We are preparing your order

Shipped: We have entrusted your order to the courier, you will receive an e-mail with the tracking number to follow its movements

Why haven't I received my order yet?

Order already shipped:

In the event that the order has already been shipped, by accessing your profile, in the "History and order details" section, the status of your order is on "SHIPPED". You should have received our e-mail informing you that the shipment has left. If you click on the shipping tracking link, you will find all the information relating to the status of your order.

Order not shipped:

Access your profile and on "History and order details" find out what the current status of your order is.

Your order may not have arrived or be delayed for several reasons:

You have chosen the bank transfer as the method of payment: once we have received the booking of your payment, your order will be prepared in order to be processed with respect to your processing times indicated on the page and information sheet of the object.

You have placed the order, but without concluding with the payment: you have carried out the order without concluding the payment in the final stages, once paid and accounted for, your order will be processed.

How much is shipping?

All our shipments are free of charge

How do I get updated on the shipping of my order?

As soon as your order is shipped, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your inbox used for registration, in which we confirm the shipment and the tracking link that allows you to track the shipment.

How many days will delivery take place?

Being handcrafted objects that are created directly by our craftsmen and made available to the end customer, they have different times depending on the object chosen, the timing of preparation for shipping changes from object to object, these times are indicated on the detail page of the nevertheless, depending on availability, the times could be even shorter.

So the courier delivery times are 1-3 additional days to the indicated days of "preparation for shipment" indicated on the product page, this for normal shipments, for the islands even 3-4 days.

Has my order been shipped?

To find out if your order has been shipped, you must log in to your Gioielli di Valenza account, enter the "Order history and details" section and check the information provided for the last order executed.

If necessary, you can contact customer service by writing to [email protected]

When will you ship my order?

The order will be processed as soon as possible, depending on the times indicated on the product page.

I haven't received my tracking code yet

Log in to your personal profile to check the status of your order, and find out if it has been shipped.

If your order has been shipped and you have not yet received the shipping confirmation email, the possible reasons may be:

You entered the wrong e-mail address when ordering

You have deleted the email we sent you with the tracking number

The email has ended up in the SPAM folder of your inbox

Try to verify one of these situations, otherwise if you still have problems contact the e-mail address [email protected]

Is it possible to give the courier a timetable?

No, it is not possible to communicate a time to the courier, couriers deliver according to their daily tours, therefore we cannot communicate a time for delivery. If the courier does not find the recipient at the time of delivery, he will automatically reschedule the delivery to the next working day, and eventually, it will be possible to agree on a third delivery attempt by contacting us by phone on 0131-530255 or at the e-mail [email protected]

What are the shipment statuses?

The shipping conditions change according to the courier with which the shipment is sent, therefore we advise you to read the information and the legends of the respective couriers, in this case Gioielli di Valenza uses DHL and GSL

You did not find what you were looking for?

Then you can contact us at our email address [email protected].

Or call us on 0131-530255

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