The wedding rings by
Gioielli di Valenza

The wedding rings by
Gioielli di Valenza

The wedding ring is the symbol that, since ancient times, has represented love and fidelity. Two ends that come together to cancel each other out, a perfect circle, with no beginning or end, which will accompany you throughout your life together as a sign of your bond.

Wedding rings are the most precious ring in life, but choosing them is not as easy as it seems. From the Francesine (thin) to the Mantovana (wide) to the modern tricolor, the models of wedding rings are many and different from each other. How to do it then? We have prepared a small guide to help you choose your wedding ring.

Discover our wedding rings and find the most suitable to seal your love.

The Classic wedding rings

Usually made without diamonds or precious stones with a totally flat inside and a very fine section.

The classic wedding ring is round and slightly rounded. The inside is flat and smooth. It is made of yellow or white gold (a material that represents eternity par excellence), without precious or brilliant stones.
Comfortable and perfect for those who love traditions.

The Comfort wedding rings

Characterized by a rounded shape, it has an internal shaping that allows the wedding ring to be worn more easily.

The comfort faith is concave internally and externally. It is characterized by a rounded shape that makes it more comfortable: the internal shaping allows, in fact, to be worn more easily.
Suitable for those looking for comfort and perfect wearability.

The Francesine wedding rings

Thin, flat on the inside and slightly rounded on the outside, generally chosen by those who are not used to wearing rings, as they are among the thinnest.

The French wedding band is light and thin, slightly rounded on the outside and flat on the inside. In yellow, white or pink gold it has a slimmer diameter than the classic ones. It is modern and comfortable, perfect for those who do not like flashy rings.

It is generally chosen by those who are not used to wearing rings.

The Matovana wedding rings

A faith very similar to the classic version but wider.

The valance band has a wider width than the previous models. Heavier and higher than the classic wedding band, it is flat on the inside, but rounded on the outside. In yellow or white gold, it is a long tradition wedding ring perfect for giving importance to your union.

The Special wedding rings

In hammered and worked gold that gives a great light to the faith

Available in white gold and yellow gold, with a simple circular line, the external part is not particularly rounded but rather almost flat, they have a smaller width as a distinctive note, thus making them more slender to the eye, and not very present on the finger, however present with a clear and regular internal faith so as not to be forgotten by those who are wearing them

The Anniversary wedding rings

Anniversary wedding rings, models dedicated to the wedding anniversary.

The anniversary is one of the most important occasions and anniversaries in a couple's life. The anniversary wedding rings come in different variations, you can find bi-colored rings in white and pink gold, in white gold and yellow gold and with one or more diamonds set around the ring.

The Diamonds wedding rings

Characterized by special processes that make the wedding ring unique and bright.

Their main feature is that of having facets on the band of the rings that resemble the surface of a precious diamond. They are available in yellow, white and rose gold to suit every need.

The Brillanti Promesse wedding rings

Wedding rings with modern cut diamonds that make the yes rings special and precious.

One of the peculiarities of these wedding rings is certainly the small diamond that represents unique and indissoluble love.

They are not the typical wedding rings, they are rings that will make you dream admiring them as you look at the stars in the sky and making you remember the most important moment in a couple's life: that of the wedding.

Morbidi intrecci e leggere sfumature in ori differenti caratterizzano queste fedi.

La fede bi&tricolor è moderna ed alternativa: un’ottima soluzione per le coppie indecise.

Caratterizzata da due o tre metalli (oro giallo, oro bianco e oro rosa) mixati, sovrapposti o intrecciati, può essere composta da anelli distinti oppure saldati insieme. Leggere sfumature e un bagliore rosa, delicata ed elegante anche per il futuro marito.

The Rosario wedding rings

Characterized by a very fine section and embossed details.

Particular model of wedding ring whose main feature is to have a small cross-shaped incision on the band of the rings and around the protrusions that resemble the beads of the rosary.

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